If your organization aims to improve lives and make the world a better place, JBS wants to work with you.

We work in close concert with our clients to help them solve big problems. We dive deeply in our day-to-day work to help them achieve meaningful progress, allowing us to celebrate successes together.

As a business partner, JBS brings a long, rich history of health and human services work across organizations in the federal, state, and private sectors. We are highly regarded by our clients for the quality of work we produce and for our deep content expertise—making us a partner of choice for businesses of all sizes.

JBS International, Inc.
Prime Federal Contract Vehicles

  • GSA MAS (Formerly IT 70 and PSS)
    Contract No. 47QRAA18D00AE
  • AMERICORPS Multi-Year Evidence Building Expert Consultants
    Contract No. 95332A22A00001
  • NIH NHLBI Communications, Engagement, and Education Support Services BPA
    Contract No. HHSN268201700009B
  • FDA Tobacco Retail Inspections IDIQ (Joint Venture)
    Contract No. 75F40121D00031 (Region 4)
    Contract No. 75F40119D10021 (Region 5)
  • Program Support Center (PSC) IDIQ
    Contract No. HHSP233201500074I
  • SAMHSA IDIQ (Domains 1,2,4,5)
    Contract No. HHSS283201700019I
  • HRSA Technical Assistance IDIQ (Cohorts 1-3)
    Contract No. 75R60219D00035 (Cohort 1)
    Contract No. 75R60219D00042 (Cohort 2)
    Contract No. 75R60219D00031 (Cohort 3)
  • HRSA Evaluation Studies IDIQ
    Contract No. 75R60219D00046

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