Uncovering the roots of domestic violence in Eastern Europe

JBS’s approach to promoting gender equality is grounded in evidence-based research. Gender programs supported by sound research are more likely to succeed.

Evidence advances progress toward increasing women’s rights, empowerment, and leadership while enhancing their safety, welfare, and access to justice. For example, we believe we have a better chance of stopping domestic violence if we understand how and why it happens.

JBS recently conducted research on domestic violence in Europe and Eurasia to study the prevalence of, trends in, and potential responses to domestic violence in this part of the world. Through a meta-analysis and on-the-ground work, we found domestic violence to be associated with patriarchal traditions, war and conflict, marginalized minorities, culturally specific family practices, alcoholism, tolerance and shame of domestic violence, weak legal structures, early marriage, and housing issues.

The project identified causes of domestic violence and contributed to finding solutions to reduce it.

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domestic violence in eurasia report

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