The Opioid Epidemic

Supporting medical providers to address practice change

Take a deeper look at what sets JBS apart in the fight to end the opioid crisis.

The opioid epidemic in America affects millions of people from all walks of life – the suburban soccer mom, the young adult male trying to make ends meet in rural Kentucky, the 16-year-old high school sports star in the city. How do we begin to address this growing epidemic?  

A Midwestern hospital in the heart of the “Rustbelt” requested assistance from JBS for addressing patients coming to the ER as a result of opioid use. Medical personnel didn’t feel equipped to deal with the alarming trend. 

The JBS team coordinated and conducted an onsite planning session over several days to create a system for dealing with the group of patients in need of special assistance: patients with opioid overdoses, patients with opioid use disorders seeking opioids, patients with chronic pain conditions who had developed an opioid dependence, and patients with chronic pain conditions who had been abruptly removed from opioids by their prescriber and who were consequently in withdrawal and intense pain. 

Securing involvement of essential stakeholders, JBS developed a more nuanced understanding of the problem and patient needs and crafted a set of strategies. These new strategies included things such as staff training, an improved workflow, revised clinical protocols and electronic health record revisions. JBS also produced an evaluation plan to deliver process data as part of the systems change. 

JBS is on the ground in states from coast to coast, helping devise processes needed at every touchpoint to serve people experiencing the devastating effects of opioid abuse and misuse.

Case Study: Learning From and Supporting Clinicians in the Field


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