Stewarding the use of migrant education funding

Identifying and serving migrant students are challenging tasks for state education offices. Migrant education programs must verify that the funds they receive help migrant students overcome the challenges they face such as language barriers and frequently moving from school to school.

When states were working to comply with new Office of Migrant Education regulations that required them to re-interview samples of students and verify program eligibility, JBS worked with the agency to review 40 state eligibility quality surveys.

Using findings from the review, JBS developed Technical Assistance Guide on Re-interviewing. The document gives easy-to-follow guidance on conducting high-quality, systematic re-interviews that meet federal requirements and provides information on how to prevent errors when determining students’ eligibility for services.

The result: States can improve their re-interview processes, get more accurate student counts, better comply with federal requirements, improve support to migrant student recruiters, and ensure effective use of migrant education funding.

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