Fitting exercise into older adults' lives

Physical activity by people ages 50 and older reduces risks for arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, and other disabling and chronic conditions.

Staying active is one thing seniors can do for their health. Yet, only 11 percent of older adults report being active. JBS is making a difference by supporting Go4Life®, the National Institute on Aging’s exercise and physical activity campaign for older adults.

The goal is to help older adults safely fit exercise and physical activity into their daily routines—by taking walks, raking leaves, dancing, stretching, and playing catch with their grandkids.

JBS worked with NIA experts to create an interactive Web site, write guides, reach out to users, recruit national partners, develop tools and virtual coaches, and assemble success stories from people ages 50 to 90+.

Go4Life offers free resources designed to motivate people to start, stay with, or do more physical activity.

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