International Development

Evaluating a new approach to Indonesian education

When Indonesia wanted to revitalize its education system, the U.S. Agency for International Development designed a 5-year, $200 million program of change. The USAID Decentralized Basic Education Program sought to decentralize school governance and management, enhance learning, and teach skills to secondary school students.

USAID asked JBS to determine whether the program achieved its goals. We sent 3 international consultants and 6 Indonesians to assess the project’s impact on the quality and relevance of primary and secondary education. The team visited 107 schools, interviewed some 750 stakeholders, and collected data through focus groups, questionnaires, and classroom observations.

The evaluation determined that the innovative project had significantly contributed to the education process but that challenges remained in the institutionalization and sustainability of several interventions. Recommendations from the evaluation have played a significant role in the design of the follow-on project.

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