Children, Youth, and Families

Creating a youth and family services community

People who work with disadvantaged youth and families are everyday heroes.

While rewarding, supporting youth and families is emotionally draining. It doesn’t leave much time for looking beyond one’s organization. In JBS’s 2 decades of managing the Family & Youth Services Bureau’s National Clearinghouse on Families & Youth, we’ve observed a need for information sharing among youth- and family-serving nonprofits.

We approach the clearinghouse’s Web site as the Wall Street Journal for people who work with youth and families. Our journalists report on innovative practices, relying on sources who work with young people and families. We cover the latest research on youth and families, translating it into layperson’s language and focusing on the relevant takeaways.

Our Web site is mobile responsive, because our audience is often on the go. And we’re harnessing social media, using Facebook and Twitter to encourage youth and family services professionals to exchange ideas wherever they are.

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