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Building systems to strengthen safety reporting

In 2013, a wave of food poisoning was making pets in the United States ill. One tool the FDA used to solve this mystery was the Federal Safety Reporting Portal, designed and implemented by JBS.

The data collected through the portal showed that the FDA had received reports of some 3,600 dogs and 10 cats getting ill after eating certain pet treats. The FDA issued a warning to the public based on those reports, several manufacturers pulled their products off the market, and the reports of pets getting sick after eating treats dropped.

JBS built the portal using our Health Data Management Framework technology. The framework unifies and harmonizes data to enable us to design and generate dynamic questionnaires, data transformation, routing, and analytics.

The portal delivers data in any format required by the target database systems, with instant analytics and trend reporting. It’s online 24/7, Section 508 compliant, and 100 percent secure.

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