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Susan Hayashi PhD

Vice President/Project Director

Dr. Hayashi is a JBS vice president with 25-plus years of experience in research/program evaluation, medical education, technical assistance/training, and communication targeting medical professional organizations and medical schools. Dr. Hayashi brings nearly 20 years of experience directing federal contracts addressing opioid issues, including prescription medication misuse, overdose, safe prescribing, and medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Her recent work includes leading, on a contractor basis, a national SAMHSA program evaluation of 57 state grants to increase access to treatment for opioid use disorder, coauthoring a 2017 Journal of Addiction Medicine article on pregnant and parenting opioid-dependent women and children, contributing to a SAMHSA/HRSA telehealth initiative and a SAMHSA/BJA criminal justice policy academy on MAT, performing analytic work related to increasing patient limits for buprenorphine prescribing, and helping develop a NIDA CME on adolescent substance use. In addition, Dr. Hayashi has led projects for other federal agencies such as NIA, HRSA, IHS, AHRQ, and ACF, and for medical professional organizations, hospitals, and community-based organizations.

“When you … see in the most rural settings how communities are addressing opioid use disorder and the opioid epidemic, as well as urban settings and anything in between, you realize the questions are the same that the communities are asking. The solutions are tailored, but there are opportunities to really make a difference.” — Susan Hayashi
Susan Hayashi: Continuing Medical Education for Providers

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