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Jennifer Kasten PhD, MSW


Dr. Kasten was named the President of JBS International in April 2019. She has served as Chief Strategy Officer, Vice President, and Senior Researcher during her tenure at JBS. She began her career as a clinician serving people with substance use and mental disorders. Dr. Kasten has more than two decades of experience in behavioral health, public policy, program evaluation, change analyses, and performance measurement. For eight years, she directed JBS’s Clinical Technical Assistance contract with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Dr. Kasten is a co-author of “Methadone Maintenance Treatment in the United States: A Practical Question and Answer Guide.”

“What’s still lacking is the counseling wraparound services with behavioral health integrated into that primary care setting or the opioid treatment setting to go ahead and deal with some of the emotional aspects of regaining life. So while the cravings are under control with the medication [assisted treatment], there are still your triggers that you have when you walk through a neighborhood where you used to…buy your drugs or even [deal] with some of the fractured relationships because of your use.” — Jennifer Kasten
Jennifer Kasten: Integrating Behavioral Health & Primary Care

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