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Joyce Dampeer PhD, MS

Corporate Monitor & Senior Principal

Dr. Dampeer is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with 28 years of TTA, program review, and clinical experience in substance use and mental health services. Her experience with crisis intervention and treatment includes such expertise as trauma and family violence, couples and parenting skills, military families, co-occurring substance use and mental disorders, public health, homelessness, and medication-assisted treatment. An expert for SAMHSA’s pregnant and postpartum women (PPW) and adolescent grantees, she provides Technical Assistance on family-centered treatment that includes mothers, children, fathers, and other family members.

“My background as a clinician, evaluator, and administrator allows me, I believe, to approach the issue of substance use disorder from a variety of perspectives when I provide technical assistance to providers/grantees who work with pregnant and postpartum women. I feel that the intersection of these areas in my background gives me a unique ability to work with all of these specialists — and they are all needed to provide the best services to this vulnerable population.” — Joyce Dampeer
Joyce Dampeer: The Role of Social Factors in Recovery

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