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During Dr. Wanser's tenure at JBS, he was co-director of the Center for Sustainable Health and Care. He also was the project director of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology Emerging Issues Project, which developed policy and educational materials in support of behavioral health providers, including opioid treatment organizations, and supported the adoption and use of health IT tools. As the lead technical expert for SAMHSA’s Technology-Assisted Care discretionary grant portfolio and in support of other CMHS and CSAT initiatives, he assessed and recommended strategies for integrating behavioral health and primary care. He also assessed federal policy directions for expanding health IT use, including telehealth, information exchange, and technology use in person-centered care and value-based payment models. In previous state agency leadership positions, including leading mental health and substance use services in Texas, Dr. Wanser led efforts that increased substance abuse treatment services by 33 percent, increased access to behavioral health care services by more than 40 percent, and supported efforts that led to more than $30 million in grants for behavioral health and prevention service expansion. His experience also includes appointments as a visiting fellow and instructor at the University of Texas at Austin.

“All healthcare is going to demand coordinated care through an inter‑professional team, whether in‑person or virtual. The transformation will place a premium on continuous coordinated care and outcomes achieved. There are many moving pieces to managing this revolutionary change process, something that JBS has been addressing across the policy, delivery system, providers, and recovery community for many years.” — David Wanser
David Wanser: New Health Technologies

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