Program Evaluation

JBS specializes in some of the most challenging kinds of evaluations—gathering and analyzing data from hard-to-access populations, including low-literate and non-English-speaking adults, people moving from dependence to self-sufficiency, American Indians and Alaska Natives in tribal and urban settings, and residents of nations transitioning to democracy.

Our culturally diverse team conducts evaluations in a variety of arenas: health care, behavioral health, education, child welfare, and immigrant services. We also work with populations that have little experience with evaluations, people who fear participating in evaluations, at-risk populations, and others.

We are highly skilled in quantitative and qualitative analyses and employ rigorous analytic tools for each evaluation effort, working to design evaluations that maximize resources and offer the appropriate level of rigor for the questions of interest. 

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Economic Evaluations (Cost Studies, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Cost-Effectiveness Analysis)

Evaluability Assessments

Evaluation Capacity Building

Evaluation of Training and Technical Assistance

Formative Program Evaluations

Performance Measurement and Analysis

Program Process, Outcome, and Impact Evaluations

Multi-Site and Portfolio-Wide Evaluation and Meta-Analyses

Work Samples

Meet our experts

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    Amanda Gmyrek
    Senior Researcher, Principal
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    Susan Hayashi
    Vice President/Project Director
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    Lisa Patton
    Vice President
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    Nicole Vicinanza
    Senior Research Associate

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