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Opioid Overdose Response by Law Enforcement—Training Tips and FAQs

August 21, 2021

Two short publications can help prepare law enforcement personnel for responding to opioid overdose during COVID-19.

A four-page document provides leaders with information on:

  • Why overdose response has become more urgent during COVID-19.
  • Why law enforcement response to is important.
  • How to develop a training for patrol officers in overdose response.
  • What to say when officers express hesitation about becoming involved in overdose response.

A companion three-page document can be shared with patrol officers to reinforce or refresh training. Questions answered are:

  • What is an opioid overdose?
  • Why Is it important to respond to an overdose?
  • How can a law enforcement officer safely respond to an overdose?
  • What are the steps in overdose response?
  • Should you make arrests after the overdose recovery?
  • What should you do after the recovery?

The FAQ document also summarizes the steps in hands-only CPR and rescue breathing and provides information on what to say after reviving someone.

The documents were developed by JBS International, Inc., for HRSA's RCORP-TA Program. For more information, Contact RCORP-TA program at

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