Jerri's Journal: Afghan Men on Women's Rights

May 19, 2015


Day 7

Women for Afghan Women (WAW) held a two-hour roundtable discussion with 15 men who work with WAW.  They explored why they are working with WAW, why they support women's rights, the challenges, and how it has changed them. To show how quickly the Afghan world is changing, many of them (way younger than I) remembered the first time they saw a woman on a cell phone and the first time they saw a woman driving. 

One story:  A manager said that his style was direct, tough, structured -- and then he began working with women. He realized women were flexible, so he worked on changing his management style to be more flexible.

Religious law was a big topic. The whole group feels that the Quran says women and men are equal: "Man and woman are equal -- accept it or not, it's proven. It's in the holy Quran. Islam does not say men are good, women are bad," someone said. 

The men who participated in the roundtable continued to reflect on the discussions, their feelings, and how they had changed. Something electric started at that roundtable.

I’m SO proud of the women across the spectrum working to help women here and advance their rights!  And SO proud of the men who are joining the fight. 


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