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HuffPo Publishes Jerri Shaw Article

December 2, 2015

“The courage of the ordinary people confronting and rejecting violence and standing up for human rights" is critical to bringing peace, security and freedom to so many who now live in danger every day, said JBS International Co-CEO Jerri Shaw in her article, “A Turning Point for Terrorism,” published Wednesday, December 2, by The Huffington Post.   

A tireless advocate for expanding the rights of women, children and vulnerable populations, Shaw traveled to Afghanistan earlier this year with a coalition for Women for Afghan Women, to gain a first-hand perspective on programs for victims of gender violence.

Shaw’s HuffPo article mentions a recent mass demonstration in Afghanistan in which tens of thousands of people, men included, protested brutal killings of an ethnic minority and demanded revenge against the Taliban. “…after all they have suffered, Afghans are standing up with stunning bravery to reject violence and theocratic fascism, and restore peace and human rights.”

To read more about her experiences spending a week in Afghanistan, see her journal.

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