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With deep expertise in the topics that matter most to our clients, our subject matter experts translate theory into practical application in ways that guarantee success.

  • calcaraz's picture
    Carlos Alcaraz
    Technical Expert Lead
  • pbaston's picture
    Pamela Baston
    Technical Expert Lead
  • kbell's picture
    Karen Bell
    Director, Center for Sustainable Health and Care
  • mcampopiano's picture
    Melinda Campopiano
    Senior Medical Advisor
  • ccharkow's picture
    Candace Charkow
    Vice President
  • scoyle's picture
    Shawn Coyle
    Senior Principal, IT
  • aernst's picture
    A.J. Ernst
    Senior Technical Expert
  • kfranke's picture
    Katelyn Franke
    Senior Research Associate
  • sgabbard's picture
    Susan Gabbard
    Senior Research Associate
  • ageorges's picture
    Annie Georges
    Research Associate
  • agmyrek's picture
    Amanda Gmyrek
    Senior Researcher, Principal
  • shayashi's picture
    Susan Hayashi
    Vice President/Project Director
  • mhayes's picture
    Mary Hayes
    Technical Expert Lead
  • jhyde's picture
    Joseph Hyde
    Technical Expert Lead
  • ajones's picture
    Angie Jones
    Technical Expert Lead
  • jkasten's picture
    Jennifer Kasten
  • plovegrove's picture
    Peter Lovegrove
    Research Director, Child Welfare Reviews Project
  • dlurie's picture
    Deborah Lurie
    Senior Social Marketing Advisor, Design Thinking Director
  • kmeyers's picture
    Kathleen Meyers
    Technical Expert Lead
  • tnguyen's picture
    Thuc Nguyen
    Senior Software Developer & Team Lead
  • lpatton's picture
    Lisa Patton
    Vice President
  • jperpich's picture
    Joseph Perpich
    Senior Medical Advisor
  • dpratt's picture
    Donald Pratt
    Research Associate
  • jroberts's picture
    John Roberts
    Senior Technical Assistance Manager
  • bschoener's picture
    Brad Schoener
    Vice President
  • rspeir's picture
    Ruth Ann Speir
    Vice President
  • csum's picture
    Carmen Sum
    Senior Research Associate
  • sulrich's picture
    Sonja Ulrich
    Tribal Capacity Building Team Leader
  • nvicinanza's picture
    Nicole Vicinanza
    Senior Research Associate
  • jwalker's picture
    Joe Walker
    Indigenous Projects Program Lead
  • kwalsh's picture
    Kimberly Walsh
    Technical Expert Lead
  • dwanser's picture
    David Wanser
  • awilliams's picture
    Aldrenna Williams
    Technical Expert Lead
  • lwonnacott's picture
    Lolly Wonnacott
    Senior Technical Expert

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