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Improving the health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities is a goal that JBS has addressed for 30 years. 

We design programs that boost infant immunization, prevent tobacco use by teens, and support caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients. We launch campaigns on HIV/AIDS prevention for women, improve access to critical vaccines, and design data collection systems for tuberculosis research. And that’s just a sampling of our public health projects.

Our epidemiologists, evaluators, prevention and intervention researchers, and communications and media specialists apply their expertise to a range of health topics. Our solutions are based on evidence-based research about best practices and social marketing principles. 

We’re committed to reducing health disparities and using culturally appropriate messages and interventions to reach underserved communities.

Public health is a science and an imperative. JBS offers technical skills, insight, planning, and creativity to building communities where people can get and stay healthy.

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Work Samples

Meet our experts

  • kbell's picture
    Karen Bell
    Director, Center for Sustainable Health and Care
  • ajones's picture
    Angie Jones
    Technical Expert Lead
  • dmullen's picture
    Deborah Mullen
    Senior Principal, Creative Services Director
  • lpatton's picture
    Lisa Patton
    Vice President
  • jperpich's picture
    Joseph Perpich
    Senior Medical Advisor

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