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The right technology can warn the public on the spread of a disease, offer evidence that a medical intervention works, and pinpoint safety improvements in the workplace.

JBS supports health and safety reporting and monitoring by developing customized, scalable, affordable, and secure solutions. We’ve designed and built systems that collect, manage, and report data on safety problems and adverse events for drugs, foods, pet products, clinical trials, health diagnoses, and workplace conditions. 

Our Health Data Management Framework can be used to create standards-based health and safety solutions. The framework supports metadata-driven questionnaires to generate data into any format required by the destination systems. The data are analyzable for reporting, analysis, and signal detection.

We test our systems to ensure they comply with data standards and security, accessibility, and usability guidelines. JBS’s expertise and framework can cost effectively implement a state-of-the-art system to protect public and worker health and safety.

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