Education is the most valuable asset we can give our children.

Still, not all education is equal. That’s why we work with national and international organizations to ensure that education programs are effective, accessible, and impactful for students.

JBS evaluates project performance and professional development efforts. We assess:

  • Student achievement and teacher performance
  • Violence prevention
  • Positive youth development
  • Student health and well-being
  • Non-native speakers of English
  • Adult online learning environments
  • Early career education

Our staff provides research, evaluation, and technical assistance in real-world situations. We use methods and analyses that respond to local, cultural, and linguistic contexts, including conflict environments, migrant populations, and impoverished communities.

We see projects through from start to finish, beginning with the needs assessment, through planning, data collection, analysis, reporting, and implementation of recommendations. JBS develops data collection instruments and systems or works with existing data to uncover outcomes and impacts.

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Work Samples

  • Technical Assistance Guide on Re-Interviewing
  • Migrant and Seasonal HeadStart Report
  • Fostering Education for Female Out-of-School Youth in Afghanistan. Journal of Education for International Development, 2:1.
  • NIDA Physicians Outreach: Research to Practice’s Addiction Performance Project

Meet our experts

  • ajones's picture
    Angie Jones
    Technical Expert Lead
  • plovegrove's picture
    Peter Lovegrove
    Research Director, Child Welfare Reviews Project
  • jnakamoto's picture
    Jorge Nakamoto
    Senior Research Associate
  • nvicinanza's picture
    Nicole Vicinanza
    Senior Research Associate

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