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When JBS co-founders Ray Johnson, Jr. and Michael Stempler retired in 2007, the two remaining founders, Gail Bassin and Jerri Shaw, established their co-CEO leadership model. They share corporate decision making and together have guided JBS to its current level of growth and success.

In October 2007, Gail and Jerri were selected for inclusion in Maryland's 2007 Top Minority Business Enterprise list that honors minority and women entrepreneurs. In November 2007, each received a Women Who Mean Business Award from the Washington Business Journal (WBJ).


Gail Bassin
Gail is a third-generation Washingtonian who grew up in Montgomery County and graduated from the University of Maryland Business School with a BS in Business Administration/Accounting. Gail became a certified public accountant and then earned a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Antioch College. This unusual blend of academic achievements facilitates her understanding of existing and emerging problems in health and social sciences and allows her to identify sound business solutions that keep the needs of people as the central focus.

From the outset Gail has been in the vanguard of those determined to change the business world’s perspective about women and their roles in the workplace, particularly in the consulting field, which was dominated by men when Gail started her career. She is a member of the Advisory Board and former member of the Executive Committee of the Professional Services Council (PSC). PSC is the national trade association for the government professional and technical services industry.

In 2009, Gail was awarded WBJ's CFO of the Year Award for government contracting firms with revenues under $200 million. In October 2008, she was named Executive of the Year at the 6th Annual Greater Washington Government Contractor Awards ceremony. The award recognizes her outstanding contributions to JBS, the community, and the government contracting industry during 2008.


Jerri Shaw
Jerri attended Oberlin College where she earned a degree in Sociology, and went to the University of North Carolina, where she received her MA in City and Regional Planning. In the early 1970s, she began her work in the government contracting field, when only 2 percent of consultants in the private and public sectors were women.

Jerri has always been ahead of her peers in identifying emerging trends and issues, and she has eagerly embraced the challenges inherent in being among the first to try to address a problem. Her typical response is to call together people who could contribute to the solution, facilitate the development of potential strategies for addressing the problem, identify needed resources, and then leverage those resources to implement the strategies that were developed. For example, she was ahead of the curve in working to establish family planning clinics in West Virginia. More recently, Jerri established the Traumatic Brain Injury–Resource Optimization Center (TBI–ROC) at JBS. A goal of TBI–ROC is to ensure a unified private/public civilian and military approach to the design and operations of the TBI service system.

In 2011, Jerri received the Communitas Award for Leadership in Ethical and Environmental Responsibility. The award honors excellence in community service and social responsibility and recognizes the spirit of communitas—people helping people.