Our approach to training is grounded in the most recent theories of adult learning. Research shows that when training is tailored to and centered on a specific purpose, audience, and modality, users are engaged and information and skills are retained and built.

From in-person training sessions to group learning to self-paced e-learning, we cover a wide spectrum of learning strategies and delivery options. As trainers, we also give expert presentations at meetings ranging from formal plenary presentations to workshop discussions—in person and virtually. 

With a growing need for 24/7 access to information and technology, JBS has invested in our Virtual Engagement and Learning Laboratory, where we create a range of online and mobile learning experiences to best meet client requests and audience needs. Video is often an integral part of our learning experiences, and we operate a full studio and advanced video editing suite to realize each client’s vision. 

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Curriculum development

In-person, virtual, and hybrid training, coaching, mentoring, and facilitating

Instructional tool development

Training evaluation

Training needs assessment


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