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Our Story

Jerri Shaw
& Gail Bassin

Striving for a Better World

Since its founding in 1985, JBS International has striven to change service systems and improve lives.

We deliver professional services to clients in the public and private sectors. Our clients work to create a better world, and we help them by solving complex problems to improve the human condition.

A Passionate Team

We listen closely to our clients’ greatest challenges and apply our expertise in research and evaluation, communications, information technology, and management consulting.

Co-CEOs Jerri Shaw and Gail Bassin are joined by a passionate, multicultural team of more than 350 employees who focus on a broad array of human services systems and populations.

“We are not afraid to ask ‘what if,’ to create a vision of what the world could be like, and to design and realize solutions that advance understanding and move ever closer to making the vision a reality.”

Jerri Shaw and Gail Bassin

Giving hope to those in need.

Serving Vulnerable Populations

In every project we take on, we are privileged to confront the issues our clients face as they directly work to help people around the world, especially vulnerable and underserved populations.

Our Mission

Create sustainable change – in health care, social services, and education – that improves people’s lives.

Our Values


Our Promise

Our pledge to our customers:
we will work with you to solve complex problems, to achieve your mission, in ways that sustain improvements in people’s lives.

Social Responsibility

Being a socially responsible corporate citizen goes hand-in-hand with our mission of creating a better world for everyone.

  • Green Team

    Employee-led, eco-friendly initiatives.

  • Charitable Giving

    A focus on improving health, supporting women and combatting poverty.

Our Team

Our seasoned leaders built the company from the ground up and continue to ensure that for every client we are providing the best solutions every day.

Executive leadership

  • gbassin's picture
    Gail Bassin
    Co-CEO, CFO
  • jshaw's picture
    Jerri Shaw
    Co-CEO, President

Executive Team

  • ccharkow's picture
    Candace Charkow
    Vice President
  • scurrin's picture
    Cynthia Currin
    Vice President
  • sgabbard's picture
    Susan Gabbard
    Vice President
  • shayashi's picture
    Susan Hayashi
    Vice President
  • jkasten's picture
    Jennifer Kasten
    Vice President
  • lkhalil's picture
    Latif Khalil
    Vice President
  • lmacarthur's picture
    Lynne MacArthur
    Vice President
  • mney's picture
    Michael Ney
    Vice President
  • rrasnake's picture
    Roger Rasnake
    Vice President
  • lrobertson's picture
    Larry Robertson
    Vice President

Subject Matter Experts

With deep expertise in the topics that matter most to our clients, our subject matter experts translate theory into practical application in ways that guarantee success.

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